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TERRA nullius


The ‘dreamtime’, or Kaurna, in Aboriginal folklore is referred to as the time within which creation occurs.  The body disengages and the boundaries of control dissolve. Here amongst the infinite and impossible, it is imagined that one comes closest to ‘all-knowing’.


The race for knowledge is an ever intensifying global phenomenon, and the emerging fields of research warrant emerging fields of architecture. What is proposed in Adelaide’s University Zone, is a new institute for Future Science, that concerns itself with the discovery of new technologies in the fields of Medicine, Aquaculture, Zoology and Materials. To act as a counter to this entirely forward looking institute, a new cultural centre is also proposed, which will programmatically sit amongst, beside and in-between the scientific institute. It will house a museum for aboriginal folklore as well as a centre for Geology and Landscape survey. Two paces are present in this project, that of the projectile and that of the weathering of stone.


Contributors : Jason O'Shaughnessy and Eoin French

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