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........’one should not dread the winter, it too has its bounties, the snow gives warmth and deadens the tumult and its pale days are soon over’. Samuel Beckett, First Love (1946).


The design imagines a number of spatial and atmospheric constellations that are engaged with the particulars of site and place; and thought capable of instilling a sense of intrigue with the visitor and passer-by. The Guggenheim Museum- situated amongst a number of urban-natures explores the passing of time and the resultant atmospheric conditions that come with the particularities of the local maritime environment and the transitioning nordic weather systems. It is designed as though it has already been inflected by these systems- of wind, sea-mist, and changing weather systems. In many ways, the design evokes these many fields near-simultaneously; and the choices of materials and other constructional pallettes engage and extend these evolving states of nature. What therefore occurs for the visitor, is something that might be described as an ‘enmeshed-experience’; it is one that is interested in stimulating their senses, and actively situating them within the particularities of the place and its wider contextualising network of systems and environments.


Design : Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eoin French, Emma Power,

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