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Cork City has experienced severe emaciation over the past 5-10 years, and its immediate environs have been in a state of decay, misuse and disconnect. The project, hinging off the City Councils 2013 proposal to pedestrianise St. Patricks Street, proposes a solution to this enervation in the form of a new 'City Park'. This is thought to consists of : an urban garden strand, a projection plaza, digital screens, pods for micro-industry, a sculpture square, a skate park, concrete folds for smoking and hiding under, kids play structures, undulating concrete long seats, sunken sections for sitting in the round, reed and wildflower gardens, and spaces for public demonstration, free speech and improptu performance.


This new connective tissue stretches from the base of St. Patrick Street to Grand Parades end, where it culminates in a new City Stage, capable of holding large scale performances and festivals. It is also the intention of the project to (re)introduce new and lost program/industry to Corks centre in order to increase the concentration and range of, activity, production and trade that occurs.


Design : Eoin French


* Undertaken at the request of then, Cork Business Association President, Ernest Cantillon and Cork City Councils Senior Executive Estates Officer, Niall O'Donnabháin.

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