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What is that sound high in the air 

Murmur of maternal lamentation 

Who are those hooded hordes swarming 

Over endless plains, stumbling in cracked earth 

Ringed by the flat horizon only 370

What is the city over the mountains 

Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet air 

Falling towers 

Jerusalem Athens Alexandria 

Vienna London 375


T.S Eliot, Extract from The Wasteland (1922)

This Mews House is situated in Cork City along a street surrounded by an array of different functions - a printing press, a garage, and other types of urban programs. It is arranged over four levels and is raised off the street level to take into account local flooding conditions.

It has a series of split functions - and whilst being a three-bedroom house, it is also a place for living and work. It's roof garden area is arranged is such a way that it also performs as an incredible place for viewing the rooftops and urban landscape of the city.


Lead Design : Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eoin French,

Project Team: Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eoin French, Amy McKeogh, Viktor Gekker.

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