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"Scattered ruins same grey as the sand ash grey true refuge. Four square all light sheer white blank planes all gone from mind. Never was but grey air timeless no sound figment the passing light. No sound no stir ash grey sky mirrored earth mirrored sky. Never but this changelessness dream the passing hour." Samuel Beckett, extract from Lessness (SANS)

This proposal is a for a family house located within the setting of a Victorian Walled Garden outside Loughrea, Galway. The walled garden serves as a reminder of local food production activities often associated with Country Houses in the Irish landscape.


The design consists of a new sheltered courtyard arrangement around which sits the main living and sleeping areas of the house, and which generate panoramic views into the natural countryside setting. The effect of this is that the interior environment opens up a visual relationship with the natural landscape - and at the same time, there exists a generous amount of internal space to watch the Seasons change dramatically.


Lead Design : Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eoin French

Project Team: Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eoin French Amy McKeogh, Viktor Gekker,

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