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DATUM Architecture Studio is a full service architectural and design practice. With the 20 years of experience in delivering innovative design projects - we specialise in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban design, and exhibition projects. 


Our design thinking is influenced by interests in cultural, literary, musical, scientific, and artistic fields - which is translated into work that aims to inspire new spatial and social experiences for the clients and users of these spaces. Our vision is to deliver innovative architectural projects that effectively and efficiently respond to environmental, ecological, economic, and living needs. We believe in a collaborative dialogue with the client, consultants, and the public—and this process informs our design proposals. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and imaginative design solutions that surpasses the expectations of our clients.


We are involved in education and teaching, and are interested in the development of new knowledge through inter-disciplinary exchanges. We have contributed to a number of funded research proposals and acted as advisors to a number of private and public bodies, and have made presentations to a number of International Design Research panels that includes; the Mena-Norden Artistic Exchange Programme overseen by Arts Cabinet (UK), the Shandon Design Exchange Research Plan, and part of the Steering Committee for the successful Arts Council funded Engaging with Architecture Scheme (2013-2014) led by Cork City Council. The pratice has experience in working with both private and public clients, with projects that range from cultural, social, and educational buildings. These include urban masterplans and regeneration projects, educational, health, and public buildings, to hospitality projects (café, bar, restaurant), to multi-residential and apartments projects, private houses and historic buildings, and to gallery installations, and exhibition design and curation.


Biographical Information

Jason O'Shaughnessy (Design Director)
Ph.D. B.Arch BSc Arch

Jason is a qualified Architect and holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh (2019). He has 20 years of experience having graduated with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh (1999) and from the Queens University with First Class Honours (1996). He is currently the Director of the M.Arch Professional Programme at CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education (2011) and is the founder and Principal of Architecture 53seven (2000) and Co-Founder of DATUM Architecture Studio (2012).


Jason was chosen for Building Design "Class of 1999" - showcasing the best Architecture graduates across the UK and was awarded the Edinburgh Civic Medal (1999). His works in professional and academic environments involves forming new and critical understandings of the urban and spatial environments. The overall aim of such practices is to scrutinise the context of a proposed design intervention taking account of its physical, institutional and historical aspects, paying particular attention to the place of architecture in the urban context, as well as wider global issues.


He has been an Exhibition Curator at the Athens Art Biennale (2017), Tallinn Architecture Biennale (2013), Istanbul Design week (2013), and was nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2009. He has received several other Architecture Awards; most notably a Special Commendation at the inaugural World Architecture Festival in Barcelona 2008, an AAI Special Award in 2008, several RIAI Regional Awards and has been a finalist for the BD Young Architect of the Year in 2016. Jason has lectured extensively on research themes relating to his practices in architecture; presented a Showcase Lecture at the European Architecture Student Assembly (EASA) in 2008, was exhibited at the Defining Space International Symposium on Architecture in 2007 and been an invited guest critic to several Schools of Architecture which include; TU Delft, KU Leuven, Brussels, The Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment, The University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin, University of Limerick (SAUL) and The University of Ulster. His work in professional practice work has been widely published both nationally and internationally, and considers appropriate modes of investigation that develop new spatial and programmatic forms into the urban and human environment of the City. He has completed several Award Winning projects and carried out works of various scales - from public buildings, urban design and urban landscapes - to exhibitions and installations.


Viktor Gekker (Design Associate) 

M.Arch BSc Arch 


Viktor is an Architect having graduated with a Masters with Distinction and First Class Honours (BSc Arch) from CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education. As part of DATUM Architecture Studio, he has lectured widely on his work – most recently at GBU “MOSSTROINFORM” International Exhibition as part of the City Planning Policy Department of the Government of Moscow. Viktor’s work “[Re]coding the City: Festival of Time, Athens” has exhibited at a number of International Forum including the World Architecture Festival (2018), the ISARCH International Award for Architecture (2017), and the Athens Biennale (2017).


As well as his professional experience on working on master-planning, urban design, cultural and sports buildings, his work as an Architect has been acclaimed in the form of a number of Prizes – including the John Soane Drawing Prize 2018 (Finalist), Drawing of the Year What is Everyday Utopia? (2018), and the ISARCH International Award for Architecture (2017).


Along with his professional work, he has also established a strong academic career, and is an M.Arch Studio Lecturer at CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education. He has been a guest Lecturer for Bachelor and Master’s students at the Moscow Economic Institute and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, 2018.

Eoin French, Stephen Foley, Kieran Cremin, Habban Ali, Francis Shier, Richard Fenton, Laura Hanley, Eoin Horgan, Moll Linehan, Declan Fallon, Katie Murray, Amy McKeogh, Eoin O’ Dwyer, Emma Power, Barry O’Shea, Graham Thompson, James Pittam. 

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